Received a lomi lomi massage from Eve today.
A beneficial experience! Eve gives her full attention and you can feel it. She gives a safe feeling that allows you to surrender to the relaxation.
The relaxation continues for a long time after the massage. The flowing movements, the oil, smell and fine space and above all Eve's magical hands made this a great experience. Can't wait for the next appointment!
  • Professional masseuse
Cindy Keus-Sonneville

I received a fantastic 2 hour (!!!) Haman treatment from Eve McGowan!!! Woooow with warm towels, scrub massage, soap foam massage, clay wrap, and oil massage… Insane!!! Mmmmm just what I needed today…. Very deep relaxation… An absolute must!!! #Extreme #Selfcare 😍😍😍❤🙏😇

Dymphi Peeters
If you're looking for an awesome person and a great massage, you'll love Eve. I really recommend the chairmassage, you'll feel reborn, it's great!
Soon I will go for the Hammam, I can't wait!
Son Ja
I recommend everything! 😊🙌🏼
Eve is professional, friendly, reliable & very good!
She doesn't just massage with her hands, but really with her heart.
Preventive and/or curative: She's got your back!!
  • Great results
Anita Van Der Voort
I was allowed to enjoy a wonderful chair massage by Eve this afternoon. wow, I should have done this a lot sooner!
The massage was nice and firm (I like that) and I immediately felt at ease with Eve.
Eve is a super sweet, gentle and warm person, and the homemade vegan date cake was delicious!
see you soon dear Eve! I am very grateful to you 💚🙏🏻
Denies Pondman
i had a hammam massage with eve. I was curious how she would process hammam in a massage but it is really GREAT.
I fully recommend it. At first it's very refreshing and at the end you'll be wrapped and massaged. Very relaxing.
Jessica Bosman
Eve is not only professional but also a warm person. Her chair massages give you exactly what you need! A present for yourself
Violet Yoga
What a wonderful massage it was. My body is completely relaxed again and my head is clear again. Thank you dear Aifa. I really recommend people to undergo it once.. While enjoying some soothing music, just let yourself be pampered. Everyone deserves this.
  • Professional masseuse
  • Great results
Karin Roest
Had a wonderful pressure point massage!
I was able to move my body again after the massage.
Great! And thanks
Miky Mike
Very good at what she does
Marielle van Dijk
Very relaxing massage.. you step off the chair as if reborn.. I loved it
.. worth repeating 🙂 thanks alot.
Danny Jillessen

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