Relaxation massage

A relaxation massage is a real treat for body and mind and one of the oldest and healthiest ways to relax. A massage is therefore not a luxury, but a real necessity. To feel and function well every day, it is important that you regularly take a moment of rest. With a relaxation massage you recharge your batteries and say goodbye to stress.

Benefits of a relaxation massage

A relaxation massage has many benefits: 

With a massage you also give your immune system a boost. 

With a relaxation massage you reduce physical complaints, so that you also feel good mentally and vice versa. How you feel is inextricably linked to any physical complaints.
With a massage you create peace in your head and body and you ensure that stress has no chance.

Lomi Lomi

Lomi Lomi is a holistic massage form from Hawaii. It is a wonderfully relaxing full body massage. 

The body is massaged with warm oil and beautiful long flowing movements as if waves of the ocean wash over your body. The massage is mainly done with the forearms and covers the entire body, from crown to toes with a lot of oil. To enable the long flowing strokes you will be covered only with a sarong. The lomi lomi is given with loving hands; completely in the here and now with loving attention and a loving heart. The emphasis is on total physical and mental relaxation and less on loosening the muscles.

In april 2023 heb ik de 200 uur Lomi Lomi practitioner opleiding afgerond bij Malamalomi in Amsterdam. Deze opleiding heet ook Hawaiian Temple Bodywork en word gegeven volgens de traditionele normen en waarden voor bodywork

Chair massage

A chair massage ensures the relaxation of the muscles, which suffer most from work stress or a wrong posture, such as your head, neck, back and shoulders. This prevents RSI and work stress. 

After the massage you will feel relaxed and refreshed because the blood circulation is stimulated and the supply of nutrients and oxygen to the brain increases.

This form of massage has been used in the workplace for a number of years, to prevent and/or combat various complaints from employees. It is a massage form especially for people who are short on time, because the clothes are kept on, no massage oil is used and it is usually of a shorter duration than a table massage.

Zwangerschapsmassage / Lomi Hapai

During your pregnancy a lot changes in your body and you may experience complaints around the pelvis, back, neck and shoulder area. Fluid retention is also a well-known phenomenon, and having cramps in the legs, often especially in the calves.

A pregnancy massage can provide relief from pregnancy complaints and can ensure a better night's sleep. This can also reduce any stress and back problems. Massage also stimulates blood flow so that more oxygen-rich blood goes to your organs and to your baby.

With this massage you lie in a comfortable side position during the entire treatment. A combination of classical techniques and lomi hapai (Hawaiian pregnancy massage) is used.

Which one will you choose?

Types of massages

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